Branding Through Florals

Branding Through Florals

Branding is essential in creating an environment that reflects your company and it's message. Whether you’re hosting a launch party or gifting products to top editors, flowers will seamlessly speak to your brand and give a voice to your story. Due to a wide range of colors and textures, flowers and greenery can be incorporated into events for any brand—no matter the industry or aesthetic. Read on to learn how effective branding can be achieved through the use of florals!

There are many ways to use flowers to incorporate brand identity into an event, but it’s important to go beyond basic concepts such as adding signature colors. Florals will allow the essence of your brand to shine. Choose arrangement styles based on the feel and message of your brand. Have a youthful clothing line? Choose out-of-the-box floral varieties in bold colors to evoke the nature of the brand.

Saje Wellness

Saje Wellness

We worked with Saje Wellness, a natural oil and skin care company, to transform a press dinner for top editors. Since all of their products are all-natural, we spoke to that aspect of the brand and created a greenery table runner filled with white blooms. Each guest was able to immediately grasp the identity of Saje Wellness as they walked into the room.



Similarly, we worked with Sugarfina, a feminine and colorful candy brand, to enhance a Galentine’s Day influencer brunch. Although their brand colors are light blue and white, we created centerpieces and bud vases in shades of pinks, oranges and reds to reflect the brand’s young and playful feel while also staying true to the holiday at hand.


If you’re looking to incorporate branded features such as product displays or statement walls into an event, florals are the perfect accents to enhance and complement these elements. Flowers, greenery as well as fruits and vegetables will elevate your space and contribute to the goal of a successful branded event. You can create arrangements, installations or simply style displays with loose florals to achieve a cohesive look.

La Croix

La Croix

La Croix came to us to turn a food festival booth into a statement piece. To incorporate branding into the space, we created a wall using La Croix boxes adorned with fresh pineapples to tie-in the tropical flavor of the featured beverage. Succulents and greenery were placed and draped throughout the display to highlight the specific product and the brand’s overall fresh and colorful feel.


Branded gifting is a perfect way to send a new product to an editor or client. If you want to go beyond a simple box, sending a gift containing both products and flowers will make a one-of-a-kind impression. Gifting flowers sends a message that a company is dedicated to championing the success of their product and fostering a positive impression of their brand.

Editor and client gifting increases brand awareness as well as the possibility of future business or press coverage. These gifts are perfect for recipients to share on various social media profiles, which in turn will increase engagement and broaden the reach of your brand on social platforms.


L to R: Kenra Professional, Henri Bendel, Essence Cosmetics, NIVEA

There are many ways to style floral branded gifts, but one of the most popular ways is to place the product within an arrangement. Smaller products such as mascara or sample size lotion can be inserted into or laid on top of florals where as larger products can be incorporated alongside an arrangement.

While designing a gift, choose florals in colors and textures that complement the product and include unique elements for added significance. For example, we included fresh vanilla beans in a gift for a vanilla scented NIVEA lotion—tying aspects of the product into the arrangement.

What do tablescapes, floral walls and editor gifts all have in common? Each are able to utilize flowers to speak to a brand’s message. The ambiance of a venue should be distinctive to the essence of your company and florals will certainly deliver a customized vision. Be sure to infuse blooms into your next event or round of editor gifting to help cultivate brand loyalty and heighten brand awareness!