How to Create a Memorable New Year's Eve Party Using Flowers

How to Create a Memorable New Year's Eve Party Using Flowers

There’s no better way to set the tone for the year to come than by throwing the ultimate New Year’s Eve party. It’s important to bring friends and family together to reflect on the the past year and celebrate the potential of the year ahead.

Between prepping hors d'oeuvres and choosing the best champagne to pop at midnight, décor may not be high on your priority list, but it is essential in elevating your event. Look to flowers if you need unique accents to transform your space. Read on to learn more about using florals in your upcoming celebration!

Monochromatic & Metallic


Since the new year is all about fresh beginnings, your New Year’s Eve bash should reflect this in both style and color scheme. Metallics are the perfect bold and festive accents to include throughout your space. Gold, silver or bronze vases, candle holders and overall décor will attract your guests’ eyes all evening.

One of our favorite floral styles that complements metallic features is a monochromatic look. Choose florals in a single variety or differing varieties all in the same hue. There is a wide array of colors you can choose from as you plan a New Year’s Eve bash, but we love a crisp white. Monochromatic arrangements in white are not only elegant but symbolize a fresh start to the new year.


Interactive Elements


Looking to create memorable experiences for your guests beyond watching the ball drop? Add an interactive component to your event that incorporates fresh blooms. There are numerous creative ways to let guests mingle while partaking in unique activities.

A photo booth using a floral wall back drop should be a go-to at your New Year’s party to capture all of the ‘photo moments’. Once you have your overall design in mind, choose florals, succulents and greenery that fit your style and theme for the evening. A bouquet bar is another interactive experience that you can include at your event. Gather a variety of flowers and let guests choose which to include in a bouquet. Once they return home, they can style the flowers in a vase to usher in the new year.


Make a Statement (Piece)


Impress guests by adding a floral focal point to your home or venue. A statement piece can take on many forms; you don’t have to focus solely on size or volume to make an impact. Differing colors and textures will heighten your piece along with the type of vase or location.

For example, if you’re planning on highlighting a signature cocktail, create a statement bar arrangement that will draw guests over to that area of the room. You can also elevate an existing element such as a fireplace and enhance it with florals and candles.


Atmosphere is key in throwing a memorable New Year’s Eve party. If you’re able to effortlessly transform your space, your guests will take notice. Whether you’re introducing metallics, wowing guests with an interactive feature or featuring a grand statement piece, flowers will elevate your space in preparation for an enjoyable evening. We hope you kick off 2018 in style by celebrating with an amazing New Year’s Eve bash!