Top Summer Florals to Incorporate Into Your Next Arrangement

Top Summer Florals to Incorporate Into Your Next Arrangement

The summer season is notorious for bright blooms, which ties in with the warm weather and sunshine. Whether you’re hosting an indoor or outdoor gathering,  you’ll want to incorporate colors that will follow the seasonal trends. As top colors change with the seasons, specific varieties of florals are best suited for arrangements, flower walls, and hanging installations in the summer months.

Hydrangea is a floral variety you can count on to be at its liveliest state in the summer. You'll also be able to find the greatest amount of color varieties during this time of year. The PH level in the soil affects the color of each hydrangea bush. A certain plant may produce different color florals with rotating seasons. Hydrangeas are full flowers that will bloom in any arrangement you place at your party!


Orchids and roses are both very hearty flowers that are perfect for this warm season! Both types of florals have great availability and grow even better seasonally.

Roses are not only stunning but very easy to maintain.

Fun fact: if you add a small amount of Sprite to an arrangement of roses, it will make the flowers last longer due to the sugar contained in the drink. 

Garden roses grow beautifully this time of year and often pop as a 'statement flower' in most arrangements. Incorporating roses in an on-trend color provides a wow-factor for your guests, and not only for the eyes - garden roses also have a stronger scent than the standard rose!

Orchids are found all over the world and can be used in many floral elements. Differing varieties of orchids can be used in arrangements, added as table setting décor, or incorporated into the design of a flower wall! 


While many of these flowers can be used year round, they flourish best during the summertime. To create a fun, non-floral element in your arrangement, add fruits into the mix as well. Unique summer fruits can be used as a vase or be added as bright accents to the arrangement.

By combining bold and vibrant colors with top summer florals, your arrangements will be on-trend and eye-popping for any gathering this season!