The Notorious Bohemian Hairstyle (and how to wear it)...

The Notorious Bohemian Hairstyle (and how to wear it)...

The Notorious Bohemian Hairstyle

The Notorious Bohemian Hairstyle

Flower crowns, boho braids, and beachy hair galore flooded our newsfeed this summer and the incorporation of floral in hairstyles was particular popular. We wanted to do our own little DIY here at the office, and give you some tips and tricks on how to wear florals in your boho hairstyle and most importantly - how to keep them in. Luckily, we have a blonde, brunette, and a redhead in the office so all hair types are covered! 

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A deconstructed braid is perfect for darker hair tones because it adds texture and dimension. Opt for brighter colors for pops of contrast - colors like yellow daffodil, radiant orchid, and cadmium orange.



Blondes have the perfect hair color to use florals for a romantic, whimsical look. Seek out flowers that have a pastel or muted hue for a fairytale-like vibe. Try to group these pastel/muted colors together to quietly compliment each other - like amethyst orchid, lavender, and cashmere rose.



A diamond in the ruff, but if you have red hair, you can play with florals in a more artistic way. Arrange florals in different shades of the same hue for an ombre look - particularly colors that compliment that rich red hair, like burnt orange, apricot, and dandelion. 

Fastening Your Florals...

There are a couple of ways to keep flowers in your hairstyle. For fake flowers, simply hot glue them to a bobby pin and slide the clip into your do. The best thing about this is convenience, you'll have the flower clip forever to use time and time again! For real flowers, which is our office favorite as it adds a certain authenticity, it's a little bit trickier - but totally worth it! For those with a more delicate stem, wrap the base of the head in very thin wire and continue to wrap down the stem. Once you have about an inch of wired stem, tuck the floral in its place and twist the wire to secure its position. For a thicker, more sturdy stemmed flower, tuck the flower into place with a bobby pin - making sure the bobby pin is not sliding across the stem as this will easily cause breakage or damage to the stem. Open the bobby pin first with your fingers and carefully secure the bobby pin over the stem.