Modern Style Trend: A Monochromatic Theme For Your Next Event

Modern Style Trend: A Monochromatic Theme For Your Next Event

Keep your next event simple and chic by incorporating a monochromatic color scheme. There are many pros to incorporating a monochromatic color scheme into your next event. If you’re looking to make a statement, consider featuring monochromatic hues into a variety of event elements!


What is Monochromatic?

Monochromatic can be defined as containing or using one color. Monochromatic color schemes are derived from a single base hue, extended into either lighter or darker shades and tones of that hue. 

There are some basic color terms you should know of when it comes to all things monochrome.

  • Value - the lightness or darkness of a color

  • Tint - the color after white has been added. When the value of the color has been lightened with the addition of adding white.

  • Shade - the color after black has been added. When the value of the color has been darkened with the addition of adding black.

  • Tone - the color after gray has been added. The value of the color has been muted with the addition of adding gray.


Monochromatic Design Ideas

This type of event theme gives off a strong sense of simplicity. The use of one color helps create a harmonic atmosphere, contrast against other elements in the room, and can make a memorable impression on guests. This decor style is also on the modern side and will give off minimalistic and chic vibes. 

Incorporate monochrome through flower arrangements, table cloths, photo/Instagrammable moments, plate settings, tablescapes, and even through specialty cocktails! Gift bags are also a great way to play on a monochrome theme to leave a lasting impression even after the event ends.


In certain scenarios, the minimalistic, monochromatic style works well especially when showcasing a specific product! It sets a minimalistic scene, allowing for the content of the room to shine.

Typically, a product can be associated by color and incorporating a monochromatic theme would help. Also think about incorporating some sort of interactive installation to increase engagement at and after your party. If you want your product to stand out, you can select a contrasting color as the theme to really make it pop.


In curating a monochromatic theme for events, your biggest tools are going to be the different shades, tones, and hues of the main color of your choice. A good trick is to contrast the different hues, shades, and tones correctly. It is also much easier to decorate with one color, instead of having to match and coordinate different colors and tones.


Monochromatic Color Scheme Examples

In terms of event and interior design, a monochromatic color scheme is NOT using just one color in the same value throughout a space. In terms of decorating, monochromatic means that the color will be refined in a few different hues, tints, and shades to elevate and create a specific aesthetic throughout a space. A monochromatic color scheme also depicts a very modern aesthetic.

One of our favorite ways to incorporate monochrome into event decor is creating ombré tablescapes and photo moments. Flower walls are great opportunities to feature a monochromatic color scheme to truly make the backdrop pop against an affixed logo or hashtag.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Flower Wall

You could also incorporate two different monochrome colors into your event instead of just one. For example, the tablescape we created below was based off of both pink and purple, and just different hues and tones of each color.

Plate settings are a tasteful way to play on a monochromatic theme. Incorporate color schemes through plates, napkins, utensils, and even glassware. In this tablescape, we picked out charger plates for the plate setting to match the tablescape, playing on the monochrome color scheme.


Monochromatic themed events will leave a lasting impression on your guests. If you want to associate a specific color to your company or campaign, a monochromatic styled event is perfect. Elevate your next event using this effortlessly chic and modern style! Contact the floral designers at B Floral to learn more about incorporating a monochromatic color scheme into your next event theme.