B Creative: #DIY Advent Calendars to Kick Off the Holiday Season

'Tis the season! We have so many traditions and holidays that we celebrate here in the office, but we wanted to pick out one of our all-time favorite traditions to post this week: advent calendars! With our own B Floral twist, we curated these [adorable] mini boxes to create a 3D vibe to our calendar. We also branded a little with the goodies and decoration, check out how to make yours here:

Well, first things first: supplies! These little guys are SUPER easy to make. We got our mini boxes and tags from Paper Presentation. If you're in the NYC area, and you're a stationery freak (like us), you need to check this place out - it. has. EVERYTHING. You'll also need tape, scissors, ribbon, and paper craft flowers for decoration.

Next, simply assemble the mini box and place the treats/goodies/pictures you want for that corresponding day of the month!


Be sure to prep your tags! We used place cards, cut them in half, and snipped the ends to make them look like a banner tag. Handwritten numbers on each tag add a personal touch!

The final step is to glue all pieces together. So once you have the box assembled, tags prepped and ribbon cut: wrap box in ribbon, tape ribbon to secure to box, glue tag onto box (on top of the ribbon), and glue your final piece (paper flower) on top of the tag! Here's what the finished product should look like:


Happy Crafting!