5 Unique & Easy Ways To Incorporate Florals Into Your Event

5 Unique & Easy Ways To Incorporate Florals Into Your Event

Whether you are hosting a dinner party at your home for friends or holding a large-scale business affair, aesthetic design is vital in accomplishing a successful event. A beautifully curated space is guaranteed to make your event more memorable and buzzworthy. In the social media-centric world that we live in, well executed event design will make your guests more likely to snap photos and share with the rest of the world. We are sharing 5 easy and unique floral DIYs for your event that are totally Instagram worthy.

1. Floating Florals


Add a magical ambience to your tablescape, entryway or any other part of your event space with floating floral vessel topped with a candle. This display is unique, yet surprisingly easy to make as it only requires a hurricane candle holder, several flower buds and a votive candle. A cheap trick to making the candle float is cutting out a small circle of bubble wrap and attaching it to the bottom of the candle! Another option is to purchase floating candles.

2. Floral Frames


Floral frames are inexpensive to make and are the perfect photo activation. If your frame is light enough, you can even leave it detached from the wall so your guests can use it as a photo prop to hold instead!

3. Floral Champagne Bucket


This adorable, Pinterest-perfect decoration is intuitive and easy to create. All you need is an ice bucket, a bag of ice, small flowers, ice trays and H2O! The night before your event, freeze small blooms with water in an ice cube tray (we recommend the 2” size). Right before the event, fill your ice bucket up with a bag of plain ice and then sprinkle the top with your pretty floral ice cubes. Rest a pink bottle of champagne or Prosecco on top to chill.

4. Flower Crowns For Your Guests


Flower crowns are a fun, feminine and interactive feature to include in your event. Leave a table full of this girly accessory near the entrance so each guest can grab one and snap photos in them. In other words, this event addition is a great way to encourage guests to share photos and create buzz around your event! Check out our featured (easy) DIY flower crown tutorial on Soul Cycle’s blog.

5. Hanging Floral Installation


Like a floral frame, this hanging calla lily installation makes the perfect Instagrammable backdrop. These beautiful, long blooms can easily be suspended from a branch of beach wood using fishing wire.

Incorporating one or multiple of these easy ideas into your next event will go a long way – they will leave your guests buzzing about the event long after it's over and some quality social media content is sure to ensue!