The "B" in B Floral

Allow me to introduce you to my passion — B Floral. As the company’s owner and lead designer, I take great pride in every detail of our work, from the moment we meet our clients to far behind the events’ completion. Our personalized designs and creativity are always evolving to provide clients with floral and event designs that help build, drive, and communicate brand vision.

 In all ways, I am personally connected to B Floral, and would never settle for offering anything less than the best team, quality, and service. At B Floral, we help you B Yourself.




Bronwen Smith


Raised in New York City, Bronwen grew up in a world full of events. While attending festivities and celebrations for family and friends had its own excitement, her favorite events were those she would help to create. She has always found a sense of magic in watching spaces transform from a blank canvas to a stylish and decorative setting uniquely framing an event. The most alluring aspect of each transformation was the way in which floral artistry highlighted and defined the space.

Upon graduating from Duke University in 2002, she quickly returned to NYC, as her career began with the intensity of Wall Street. While that was not her ultimate destination, she happily found her way back into events, achieving success in managing, marketing and developing events within the sports and entertainment industries.

Along with her artistic training from The New York Botanical Garden and The Flower School of New York, her experience in finance and marketing drives B Floral’s unique approach to events and a vision that helps brands bloom. Passionate about giving back, Bronwen is an active member of the Board of Directors for both Ovarian Cancer Research Fund and Change for Kids.

INSPIRATION? My dad. He has been there for me throughout all the ups and downs, always encouraging me to be the best at what I choose to be.

FAVORITE EVENT? Every time the Duke Blue Devils win the Men’s NCAA Basketball Championship.

FAVORITE NEW YORK MOMENT? Flying back home from college for the first time after 9/11, and seeing how New Yorkers came together to support each other.

FUN FACT? I have traveled to over 100 countries, mostly prior to the age of 21.


Jim Patton


Jim Patton


Jim joined B Floral in 2014. As the Chief Operating Officer, he and Bronwen work together to manage B Floral’s strategic direction, best practices, communications strategy, as well as infrastructure and personnel needs. Jim brings a half-dozen years of experience as an entrepreneur to B Floral, first as an “intrapreneur” at a tech company where he developed and marketed new product and business lines, and then as a managing partner at an indie film and video production company in Los Angeles. Jim has also worked in account management in advertising. He holds a degree in English from Harvard.

INSPIRATION? I’m inspired by challenging problems and figuring out how to make things work.

FAVORITE EVENT? The Boomtown Fair — four days of sopping wet music and mayhem in a purpose built “town" on the grounds of an old country estate near London. Bob Marley’s old band The Wailers performed on an Aztec themed stage in “TrenchTown." A giant fire breathing robot spider three-stories tall spun dubstep and techno on the outskirts of “OldTown." A life-size pirate ship hosted sky dancing mermaids and dueling brigadiers on the upper deck while a metal punk band from Russia played below decks. After four days I felt like I was living in a different reality.

FAVORITE NEW YORK MOMENT? Playing a gig with my band at Arlene’s Grocery in the Lower East Side!

FUN FACT? My middle name is named in honor of the man who saved the life of my great-great grandfather while sailing to America from Ireland!

Jennifer Broder Vice President

Jennifer Broder

Vice President

Jennifer Broder

vice president

Jennifer was born in Hawaii but grew up in Brooklyn and South Florida. She has a bachelor's degree in psychology and sociology from the University of Georgia and has worked in sales for the past ten years. For seven of those years, she has honed her skills in the wedding and events industry and considers her position at B Floral the "sweet spot" of her career. Jennifer came to B Floral with a background in floral design for weddings and corporate events and serves our clients with the knowledge and creativity she has gained through years of industry experience. Jennifer thrives in the hustle and bustle of New York and enjoys working at a forward-thinking company in the center of it all!

INSPIRATION? My mom - she is extremely creative, and this has always inspired me to push myself and think outside the box.

FAVORITE EVENT? The 2013 Final Four in Atlanta. The energy was unlike anything I have ever experienced.

FAVORITE NEW YORK MOMENT? Too many to choose! 

FUN FACT? When I'm not at work, you'll most likely find me in the front row at Soul Cycle! #tapback


Claudia Kiss


Claudia Kiss


Born in San Francisco and raised in southern Virginia, Claudia graduated with a communications degree from James Madison University. A Late Show summer internship with David Letterman prompted her to move to New York and pursue a media career in the Big Apple. Claudia brings six years of corporate communications and marketing experience to her role as the Director of Marketing at B Floral. Before joining B Floral, Claudia was the social media manager at Celebrations.com while writing a weekly online column for SELF Magazine. Along with her sister, she created a blog and lifestyle brand, The Kissters. Claudia’s work as a co-host and writer was recognized with a 2013 Webby Award for the NBC / iVillage show, ‘My Best Idea.’

INSPIRATION? I’m inspired by the creative atmosphere in New York City. I feel so lucky to have amazing street-style fashion, media, food, and entertainment surrounding me constantly.

FAVORITE EVENT? Saturday Night Live hosted by Will Ferrell. It was over the top. The amazingly hilarious show was topped by the after party, and that was topped by the after-after party. Best. Night. Ever.

FAVORITE NEW YORK MOMENT? Watching as Lady Gaga made a surprise appearance and sang ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ at a restaurant where I happened to be hanging out with friends!

FUN FACT? The county where I was raised has more cows than people!


Jorie P. Cohen


Jorie P. Cohen


Born in New York City and raised in the Five Towns of Long Island, Jorie attended the State University of New York at Oneonta, where she studied Hospitality Administration with a focus on Event Planning. Jorie, B Floral’s Sales and Events Manager, has worked in all aspects of the events and hospitality industry. Her skills in event planning were on full display as an Events & Production Assistant at Foothills Performing Arts Center where she produced numerous concerts and private functions. She shortly moved onto the retail aspect of events while working as a Sales Floor Manager at a high-end jewelry store in Chelsea, Manhattan. Jorie quickly learned how to work behind the scenes with brides and grooms to be. Her extensive client-facing experience lends itself to her role at B Floral.

INSPIRATION? I’m inspired by the people that tell me I can’t make something happen. Making the impossible possible is one of the most satisfying feelings that keeps pushing me to go above and beyond.

FAVORITE EVENT? The Madonna Reinvention Tour in 2004. My parents surprised me with tickets to the show at Madison Square Garden. The dance moves on the Material Girl are unreal!

FAVORITE NEW YORK MOMENT? The first time I was able to commute on the subway without using an app to get me there!

FUN FACT? I am a trained chef that can make a killer shrimp scampi casserole.


Elyssa Bucceri


Elyssa Bucceri


Elyssa is Jersey-raised but has always been city-bound. She was born in Chicago and has always been a city girl at heart! Elyssa graduated with a BA from Monmouth University, where she majored in Music Industry Studies and was the General Manager of WMCX 88.9 FM, the university radio station. In her time at WMCX, Elyssa helped the modern rock station soar to new heights eventually landing the number one spot during College Radio Day, a nation-wide radio event. Her love for fashion and beauty, and her experience at major record labels and radio corporations bring a unique perspective to her role as an Account Executive at B Floral. Prior to joining the B Floral team, Elyssa helped her sister develop JB Couture Cupcakes, a thriving small business in Belmar, NJ.

INSPIRATION? I’m inspired by the creativity of others. I like to browse social media, check out art exhibits, go to comedy shows and watch live music.

FAVORITE EVENT? Easily the Red Hot Chili Peppers show at Barclay’s Center for the Super Bowl in 2013. I worked the show, and after hours and hours of prep and hard work, I got to stand backstage and watch one of my favorite bands perform live for the first time in my life.

FAVORITE NEW YORK MOMENT? I commute to the city from New Jersey, so every morning I see the skyline over the water on my way into the Lincoln Tunnel. While I may not be very fond of the traffic, that sight is a little reminder that I’m that much closer to making this city my home.

FUN FACT? I’m a classically trained vocalist who is also self-taught in audio production.

Melissa Shaw SALES & EVENTS Coordinator

Melissa Shaw

SALES & EVENTS Coordinator

Melissa Shaw

SALES & EVENTS coordinator

As a recent graduate of the University of Delaware, Mel has returned home to New York to take on the big apple. During her time in college she studied cognitive science and advertising. It was an internship in special events however, that made her fall in love with the industry. The summer following graduation, Mel worked in advertising and events for a small microbrewery back home- furthering her passion for the events world. Mel feels right at home with B Floral and is thrilled to be a part of a team that is just as young, ambitious, and passionate as she. Mel’s recent entrance to the work force brings a fresh energy to the table, along with a drive for growth.

INSPIRATION? Travel. I’m very inspired by other cities and cultures; there is nothing more exciting to me than getting on a plane. 

FAVORITE EVENT? Nothing too crazy- any farmers market that has ever happened.

FAVORITE NEW YORK MOMENT? Running into Gigi Hadid on a back street in Soho during New York Fashion Week.

FUN FACT? My father lives in Honolulu, making Hawaii my second home.


Bridget Murray


Bridget Murray

Pr Coordinator

Bridget grew up in central New Jersey and frequently traveled into New York City as a child. She graduated from Rutgers University with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. During college, she interned at Brandsway Creative, a boutique public relations firm located in the Lower East Side. During her time at B Floral, Bridget has fostered her love for the public relations field. Bridget applies the skills she gained during her internships as well as her college years to her day-to- day experiences at B Floral. She is driven to enhance B Floral’s presence throughout the media landscape to contribute to the success of the firm. 

INSPIRATION? My parents and grandparents have been a huge inspiration in my life. Through good times and bad, they’ve supported me no matter what. Also, my parents have had full time careers all of my life and inspired me to do the same.  

FAVORITE EVENT? Attending the Watch the Throne tour in London. Kanye West and Jay-Z were so amazing live and seeing it in one of my favorite cities heightened the experience.

FAVORITE NEW YORK MOMENT? Attending the Broadway musical Hamilton with my mother. I’ve seen dozens of shows but this one was hands down my favorite.

FUN FACT? I visited the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt when I was in high school.


Celia Fung


Celia Fung


Born in New York City and raised in downtown Manhattan, Celia graduated with a Business Administration and Marketing degree from the State University of Plattsburgh. Celia comes from a diverse range of experiences from coordinating and leading the marketing direction for a small nonprofit organization to assisting the Director of Sales and Co-Owner of a Menswear trade show company.
After assisting multiple executives and CEO’s within the fashion realm, her extensive experience has brought her to B floral where she is the Executive Assistant to the Owner and Lead Designer Bronwen Smith.

INSPIRATION? I’m inspired by art and couture, and being able to see it translated in everyday life.

FAVORITE EVENT? My first runway show! After putting in hours and hours of work being able to see the show unfold was awesome!

FAVORITE NEW YORK MOMENT? Meeting Rosario Dawson! She’s not only smart and beautiful but, also very involved in giving back/collaborating with the artisanal community and incredibly friendly!

FUN FACT? I have traveled more internationally then I have within the US!


Alyssa Marchino


Alyssa Marchino


Alyssa grew up on the beach but always dreamed of working in The Big Apple. Alyssa graduated with a BBA in Finance and Accounting with a minor in Women’s Studies from Pace University where she was a member and captain of the school’s volleyball team for all four years. At Pace Alyssa worked in the athletic department helping with the school’s Sports Marketing and game day events. Prior to B Floral she worked in celebrity wealth management, law, and wrote for Elite Daily. 

INSPIRATION? My nana. Growing up I have always admired her and how she can light up any room. She always wants the best for people and believes hard work will be the key to success. I would do anything to make her happy and proud of the person I have grown up to be.

FAVORITE EVENT? The finish line at the ticker-tape parade for the Women’s National Soccer team after they won the World Cup in 2015. It was so cool being there to cheer them on at City Hall just days after they won the championship!

FAVORITE NEW YORK MOMENT? Dancing with Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson on the set of their movie, How to Be Single!

FUN FACT? I name all my pets after Grey’s Anatomy characters and know all twelve seasons word for word.


Breanna Males-Strickland


Breanna Males-Strickland


Breanna was raised in Houston, TX and went to Texas A&M University (whoop!) where she studied Tourism Management and had two minors: Psychology and French. While there, she studied abroad in Paris where she fell in love with everything, and also completed an internship in Sydney, Australia. After graduating she went on to complete a Master’s of Science in Marketing at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, which is what brought her to the east coast. From there it was an easy move up to the greatest city in the world!

Breanna has always loved being involved with events. While in high school she was on the prom committee and planned her own Sweet 16 and “surprise” 18th birthday party. In college she was active in her sorority, Delta Zeta, and helped to coordinate many mixers and socials. In grad school, she put on both the Fall Festival and the Spring Gala for the Student Government. She’s so happy that her path took her to New York and B Floral, and she’s excited to see what’s next!

INSPIRATION? My mom. She has so much strength and is by far the nicest and most caring woman I’ve ever met. I strive to be more like her, and always try to correct myself if I’m not acting in a way she would be proud of!

FAVORITE EVENT? My grad school’s Spring Gala. I put in so much hard work for the event and it was amazing seeing everyone having a great time. My best friend flew up to visit the same weekend so she could go as well. I received so many compliments on the event and had so much fun myself!

FAVORITE NEW YORK MOMENT? One of the first weekends I was here, I stayed out way too late and had to take a way too expensive taxi home. But as I crossed the river back to Brooklyn I saw the beautiful Manhattan skyline as the sun was coming up and I was more excited to be here than ever.

FUN FACT? I once ate 10 pounds of crawfish by myself just to get a t-shirt saying I did it. Too bad the shirt was an XL- they didn’t have any other sizes!


Jess Cusick


Jess Cusick


Jess was born in raised in Ocean County New Jersey & was always drawn to the big city lights. She started her career in the floral industry at the age of 16, not knowing that an after school job would turn into a career. It was during this time that Jess caught the floral bug & found that this is what she was passionate about.  Jess has worked in the floral industry since that first day at age 16, and moved up to North Jersey in 2009 to pursue her goal of working as an event floral designer & manager in NYC. Since then, she has managed & produced huge events at some of the most prestigious venues in NYC & surrounding areas.

INSPIRATION? I am inspired by the world around me, but especially my fiancée & my two young daughters. I always want to do better & be better for them, to make their little worlds even better!

FAVORITE EVENT? Honda Civic Tour a few years ago where Incubus headlined with Lincoln Park!

FAVORITE NEW YORK MOMENT? When I finally took my fiancée up on going out on a date. We went to La Palapa on St Marks Pl & I knew that he was the one. When we were eating dinner, he grabbed my hands & I thought he was trying to be sweet and then mashed food on my hands…. we laughed & I fell in love.

FUN FACT? I grew up on a mini farm with horses, chickens & guinea hens. I also did competitive horseback riding for most of my childhood.

Ashley Adams Office Manager

Ashley Adams

Office Manager

Ashley Adams

Office Manager

Ashley, coming from a military background enjoyed the luxury of being raised in quite a few states. She was born in Washington State. Just before entering the professional workforce in New York City, she lived in the beautiful Garden State, New Jersey. Ashley served four years in the United States Army as a unit supply specialist. After leaving the armed forces, Ashley attended Towson University in Maryland where she completed her BS in Family Science. Ashley was a student athlete, exceling in track and field. She holds nine school records and returned to Towson post-graduation as a track and field coach and recruiter. 

Professionally, Ashley has a diverse background with experiences ranging from directing and managing logistics for non-profit and governmental organizations to coordinating and creating event materials for the conference and trade-show industry. After honing these skills on the front line, she has decided to dive into what helps these businesses thrive behind the scenes. This passion has brought Ashley to the B Floral team as the first Office Manager.

INSPIRATION? I am inspired by love. Striving to be the best is optimized when one’s consistency matches their love. To see and feel the love others put into something is absolutely amazing. Such an intrinsic feeling. 

FAVORITE EVENT? My favorite event was the unveiling of my mural and flag at the Towson University Field House and Football Stadium.

FAVORITE NEW YORK MOMENT? When I was introduced to Fat Cat on Christopher and 7th Ave. I love live music, sports and socializing and Fat Cat has it as a three in one just for me.

FUN FACT? I desire to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

Katy Dimenna Account Executive

Katy Dimenna

Account Executive

Katy DiMenna

Account Executive

Born and raised on Long Island, Katy always knew she would end up with a career in the city, but first ventured to Virginia where she graduated with a B.A. in Communication Studies at James Madison University. Katy solidified her love for events by producing everything from a flash mob on campus to corporate meetings held at the university center. Lucky enough to travel abroad at a young age, she appreciates the creativity and differing ideas the industry has to offer and is always willing to hop on a plane at a moment's notice to explore new opportunities. With years of sales experience and a background in the wedding industry, Katy’s excited to hone her consultative approach as an Account Executive at B Floral. 

Inspiration? Traveling! It’s an amazing opportunity to grow as a person, and everything this world has to offer is inspiration in itself.

Favorite Event? My sister’s wedding. It was the first major event I had been a part of creating and the outcome was more than I could have expected. I’ve also never danced so much in my life. 

Favorite New York Moment? Seeing The Lion King on Broadway during a school trip. I was in fifth grade and blown away by the costumes and singing. Originally, I was embarrassed that my mom was a chaperone, but looking back on it now I’m really happy we were able to share that moment.

Fun Fact? I love DIY projects. Every lamp in my apartment was bought at a thrift store and for less than $5 but you’d never know!

Maggie O'Brien Design Assistant

Maggie O'Brien

Design Assistant

Maggie O'Brien

Design Assistant

Maggie has always loved New York’s energy, so it was never a question where she would be working once she graduated from the University of Delaware, where she majored in Visual Communications. While it was always clear where she would be working, it was a little unclear what she would be doing.  During her final years of school, her love of flowers and plants grew.  She decided to meld her two passions, design and flowers, which is what brought her to B Floral.  Maggie believes that flowers can change the mood of any space, and she loves the joy that a beautiful arrangement can bring to people. 

Inspiration? My parents, hands down.  They are the ones that taught me that you can get anywhere with hard work and dedication.  They have supported me in whatever I do and they have always encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

Favorite Event? Every year, at the end of summer, the church down the street from my house has a huge Italian festival for four nights. It’s always sad that summer is coming to an end, but it’s always something I look forward to.  There is amazing food, corny festival games, and of course a few carnival rides.

Favorite New York Moment? There is something truly magic about New York at Christmas time, it has always been my favorite place to go during the holidays.

Fun Fact? I have walked on the Great Wall of China.