How to Elevate Your Summer Table Settings

While planning a summer event, you should focus on creating a tablescape that embodies both the theme and the personality of the individual or organization. Details certainly matter when it comes to the perfect event, which includes an emphasis on an often overlooked tablescape element: the table setting.

Our team at B Floral compiled a few our top table setting tips to enhance your next summer event. Check out the list below!

Mix Florals with Traditional Elements 

Metnick_140605_8120 copy.jpg

The traditional place card holder may be simple, but it can easily be enhanced by using out-of-the-box floral accents. A single bloom can make all the difference as guests search for their seats while the event kickoffs.

One way to elevate a table setting is to use glass place card holders that also function as small vases. Place delicate stems such as muscari into the place card holder 'vase', then add each name card.  


Include a Take Away Gift

Many events end with parting gifts for guests, but we believe that no one should have to wait until the gathering winds down! If you're planning on incorporating a small gift, try displaying the item within each table setting.

Whether on the plate or next to the place card holder, pick a unique spot that corresponds with the size of the gift and the desired overall look. Including gifts at the start of your gathering will create a perfect first impression and will set the mood for the rest of the event.  


Feature Potted Plants

Cacti and succulents are both on-trend plants that will be seen across tablescapes the entire summer season. Sizes vary in each, so there are plenty of 'mini' cacti and succulents perfect to use within a table setting.

Place a small pot on each plate or alongside your glassware for a unique element that can tie into any theme. They are also perfect gifts for guests to take home!


Add a Simple Floral Accent

A simple flower may be all you need to complete the perfect table setting. Grab a full bloom or bud to place upon napkins or directly upon each plate.

A few of our favorite simple yet elegant flowers to work with are sweetpea, spray roses, and ranunculus.


Don't let summer pass you by without throwing a thoughtful event with an emphasis on details. Certain aspects of tablescapes- such as table settings -may seem like an afterthought, but with the addition of florals and other unique elements, you'll be sure to create a memorable ambiance for your guests!