Introducing Florals To Your Home This Spring

With the warmer season finally here, it’s time to start incorporating bright and vibrant florals into the home. The addition of flowers in your home adds a specific ambiance and warmth to every room. From the bedroom to the kitchen, you can incorporate blooms that will really bring your home to life. Set the mood of each room with a floral touch to give off a positive vibe.

A floral trend that is setting the tone this season is the floral wreath. You can create a wreath using multiple varieties of florals or even succulents. (Note: succulent wreaths will last much longer than a traditional fresh floral wreath!) Another ideal flower variety to add to your wreaths are orchids. Orchids are simple yet elegant flowers that are perfect to bring into your home now that spring is here.

This year's Pantone color of the year, greenery, is making a huge impact on the floral industry. Greenery is a subtle element that can simply be added to an arrangement or used to create an arrangement on its own. A favorite trend this year will be a greenery tablescape using ruscus and eucalyptus. Try creating a natural table runner or statement arrangements to encompass a natural feel. If you want to incorporate a splash of greenery to your home without having to create an arrangement, try highlighting a beautiful Pothos plant on a bookshelf or credenza. 

Incorporating florals throughout your house will give your home a more inviting feel. A first step can be to add florals to the entrance of your home. From the minute you walk into your foyer, you will be greeted with bright, inviting blooms. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but bold spring colors will elevate the ambiance for both you and your guests.

Bringing florals into the bedroom will provide a fresh start to your day. Add a small arrangement or bud vases to your nightstand to brighten and inspire your morning routine. If you’re interested in adding a touch of aromatics to your room, lavender and eucalyptus will give off a calming scent to increase relaxation. 



Bringing florals into the home will create a unique ambiance and set the mood for the season. You can incorporate specific florals and colors to reflect your personality. Use these tips to bring light into your home this spring!