Thanksgiving "at home" with the B Floral Team

Well, the turkey hype has settled but we're still in full holiday spirit. Prepping for upcoming events, planning out our tablescapes with cheery decor, and of course - holiday gift shopping, is a handful to say the least. We wanted to share our Thanksgiving "at home" to give you a little sneak peek (and inspiration) of how we spent our holiday with loved ones!

Owner and lead designer, Bronwen Smith, had a lovely little Thanksgiving holiday in Palm Beach, Florida! She laid poolside, dined with friends and family, and stepped up her selfie game with her nieces:

Bronwen stays at The Breakers in Palm Beach, FL.

Bronwen stays at The Breakers in Palm Beach, FL.

Poolside and a light read? Yeah, that's Thanksgiving - upgraded. Check out the table setting and this ADORABLE personalized cookie in lieu of a name card:

Even on vacation, Bronwen never disappoints us with her #morning #closeup :

And obviously, what's Thanksgiving without a selfie moment?

Back where the weather isn't as ideal, but the nostalgia most definitely present, check out the rest of the B Floral team's holiday scapes and plates: