July Events: Summer is Heating Up... Both Indoors and Out!

Along with the gorgeous July weather, B Floral took advantage of the summer season by working on numerous events held at both indoor and outdoor venues. From interactive flower crown stations to colorful centerpieces, we combined our clients' visions with the all-encompassing feel of summer.

Check out a few of our top July events below!

The Wellery Flower Class

B Floral held a flower arranging class on July 20th in Saks Fifth Avenue's wellness space, The Wellery. Editors and influencers learned how to make the perfect summer arrangement as they wore the latest floral jewelry trends. 


Intellect SEEC Dinner

Orange and yellow cocktail arrangements with hints of green were the perfect floral elements to transform the terrace at an Intellect SEEC dinner on July 19th.


NBC's Morning at the Met

Dahlias added texture and color to the centerpieces and flower wall at NBC's Morning at the Met held at Tavern on the Green on July 20th.  


20th Annual OCRFA Super Saturday

A flower crown and floral accessories (which included rings, bracelets, and barrettes) station welcomed guests at the 20th annual OCRFA Super Saturday in the Hamptons on July 29th.


Rooftop Wedding Reception

Vibrant and colorful florals such as pincushion protea added a bold touch to a private client's rooftop wedding reception on July 11th at La Sirena


Convene Dinner Party

Elegant cream centerpieces with leaf wrapped vases tied in with the sleek and modern space at a Convene dinner party on July 20th.


Fresh Flower Crown Station

A waterfront flower crown station was the perfect interactive element at a Fresh event held at La Marina on July 13th


How to Improve Your Backyard Space with Flowers for an End of Summer Event

Adding floral elements to your backyard will liven up your outdoor space and create a more welcoming ambiance for your guests. From bud vases to simple arrangements and even bigger installations, you can elevate your backyard space with the addition of plants and florals.

As August rolls in, florals in brighter hues will still be around for the next month or two and it's the time to show them off! A go-to summer look is to incorporate colors such as fuchsia and orange. Definitely take advantage of these bold hues while you still can. Check out a few of our favorite backyard tips below!

A simple and creative way to add décor to the table is to add clusters of small vases or bud vases throughout the center of your outdoor dining table. You can use the same arrangement multiple times or change up the styles, sizes and florals used to add a unique touch.

The use of certain colors can highlight a theme or a holiday that you're celebrating. These arrangements can be used to create a table runner or just spread out sporadically to tie together your theme.  

Take your arrangement to the next level by incorporating bright fruits and vegetables!  This non-floral element can add extra color and texture to your outdoor tablescape.

Watermelons, pineapples and cantaloupes can even be used as a vase for your arrangement! Mixing in florals with fruits and vegetables is a perfect way to bring flowers into a backyard BBQ or dinner party. These arrangements are the perfect wow-factor which will invite your guests as they arrive.

Incorporate big plants to keep the floral fun around all throughout the season. Adding plants around your pool can elevate a simple space and give it a new feel.

Certain plants such as mini palm trees are long lasting and need minimal upkeep! With regular watering, they're not only easy to maintain but can transform your entire backyard. Choose a wide array of plants ranging from tropical varieties to even fruit trees. 

The addition of premium flowers and plants to your yard sets it apart from the average space. You can use sophisticated arrangements or planters with gorgeous flowers. Unique elements are always a great way to create a statement piece. Use what you have and get creative, guests will certainly be impressed by your blooms! 

How to Elevate Your Summer Table Settings

While planning a summer event, you should focus on creating a tablescape that embodies both the theme and the personality of the individual or organization. Details certainly matter when it comes to the perfect event, which includes an emphasis on an often overlooked tablescape element: the table setting.

Our team at B Floral compiled a few our top table setting tips to enhance your next summer event. Check out the list below!

Mix Florals with Traditional Elements 

Metnick_140605_8120 copy.jpg

The traditional place card holder may be simple, but it can easily be enhanced by using out-of-the-box floral accents. A single bloom can make all the difference as guests search for their seats while the event kickoffs.

One way to elevate a table setting is to use glass place card holders that also function as small vases. Place delicate stems such as muscari into the place card holder 'vase', then add each name card.  


Include a Take Away Gift

Many events end with parting gifts for guests, but we believe that no one should have to wait until the gathering winds down! If you're planning on incorporating a small gift, try displaying the item within each table setting.

Whether on the plate or next to the place card holder, pick a unique spot that corresponds with the size of the gift and the desired overall look. Including gifts at the start of your gathering will create a perfect first impression and will set the mood for the rest of the event.  


Feature Potted Plants

Cacti and succulents are both on-trend plants that will be seen across tablescapes the entire summer season. Sizes vary in each, so there are plenty of 'mini' cacti and succulents perfect to use within a table setting.

Place a small pot on each plate or alongside your glassware for a unique element that can tie into any theme. They are also perfect gifts for guests to take home!


Add a Simple Floral Accent

A simple flower may be all you need to complete the perfect table setting. Grab a full bloom or bud to place upon napkins or directly upon each plate.

A few of our favorite simple yet elegant flowers to work with are sweetpea, spray roses, and ranunculus.


Don't let summer pass you by without throwing a thoughtful event with an emphasis on details. Certain aspects of tablescapes- such as table settings -may seem like an afterthought, but with the addition of florals and other unique elements, you'll be sure to create a memorable ambiance for your guests!


June Events: From Breathtaking Rooftops to Madison Square Garden- B Floral Has Taken Over NYC!

We started the summer season strong working on amazing events with brand-centric clients who wanted to relay their visions creatively. From media brand launches to product showcases, we worked on numerous types of events with clients in differing industries. 

Check out a few of the many unique events we worked on in June!

Convene Cocktail Party

Sleek cream calla lilies were uniquely placed in glass vases at a Convene private client cocktail party held at the Condé Nast Venues by Convene on June 22nd. 


TAO Downtown Swedish Midsummer Party

An elaborate floral archway comprised of white orchids and rich greenery was the focal point at TAO Downtown's Swedish Midsummer Party on June 28th.


John Legend Concert Lounge

We worked with Live Nation to create arrangements with an assortment of colored calla lilies for a VIP lounge in Madison Square Garden for singer John Legend's June 27th concert.


Ironshore Rooftop Cocktail Party

Succulent-filled arrangements were placed around the A60 Rooftop for a client event hosted by Ironshore on June 15th.


Spectrum Brands Holiday Product Showcase

We helped Spectrum Brands turn Home Studios into a Christmas wonderland with festive arrangements at their holiday product showcase on June 28th.


NYLON Guys Relaunch Dinner

Exotic florals in deep hues added a masculine touch to the NYLON Guys relaunch dinner at Chinese Tuxedo on June 7th.


MasterCard Priceless Table Dinner

We provided MasterCard red and orange colored arrangements inspired by the brand's logo for the Priceless Table Dinner held at The Shops at Columbus Circle on June 1st.

IMG_4696 copy.jpg

Top Summer Florals to Incorporate Into Your Next Arrangement

The summer season is notorious for bright blooms, which ties in with the warm weather and sunshine. Whether you’re hosting an indoor or outdoor gathering,  you’ll want to incorporate colors that will follow the seasonal trends. As top colors change with the seasons, specific varieties of florals are best suited for arrangements, flower walls, and hanging installations in the summer months.

Hydrangea is a floral variety you can count on to be at its liveliest state in the summer. You'll also be able to find the greatest amount of color varieties during this time of year. The PH level in the soil affects the color of each hydrangea bush. A certain plant may produce different color florals with rotating seasons. Hydrangeas are full flowers that will bloom in any arrangement you place at your party!

Orchids and roses are both very hearty flowers that are perfect for this warm season! Both types of florals have great availability and grow even better seasonally.

Roses are not only stunning but very easy to maintain.

Fun fact: if you add a small amount of Sprite to an arrangement of roses, it will make the flowers last longer due to the sugar contained in the drink. 

Garden roses grow beautifully this time of year and often pop as a 'statement flower' in most arrangements. Incorporating roses in an on-trend color provides a wow-factor for your guests, and not only for the eyes - garden roses also have a stronger scent than the standard rose!

Orchids are found all over the world and can be used in many floral elements. Differing varieties of orchids can be used in arrangements, added as table setting décor, or incorporated into the design of a flower wall! 

While many of these flowers can be used year round, they flourish best during the summertime. To create a fun, non-floral element in your arrangement, add fruits into the mix as well. Unique summer fruits can be used as a vase or be added as bright accents to the arrangement.

By combining bold and vibrant colors with top summer florals, your arrangements will be on-trend and eye-popping for any gathering this season!