B Floral Branding: Event Installations

At B Floral, we believe that a focus on branding is a crucial component of any successful event. Whether it be a tablescape or installation, we highlight different aspects of a brand by focusing on logos, colors, and the overall aesthetic of the company.

Many clients come to B Floral to brand their events through installations. We’ve created a number of flower walls, hanging installations, and customer activations to express clients’ brand visions to their guests.

We recently worked with three clients in the tech, jewelry, and wellness industries to create one-of-a-kind installations at the collaborative and empowering Create and Cultivate Conference in New York City. Check out our designs and see how we executed branding in each installation!


Instagram: @createcultivate

Instagram: @createcultivate

We’ve become familiar with Tinder and their brand after previously working with them to create flower walls for both an indoor and outdoor venue.

As we were designing a new flower wall for the Create & Cultivate conference, we wanted to combine brand elements with the young, fresh aesthetic of the conference. Since Tinder’s flame logo and bright orange brand color are such integral parts of their identity, we knew we had to incorporate both into the flower wall.

We started off the wall with a moss covering and then added eye-catching circles of varying sizes filled with roses. We used both orange and fuchsia roses to highlight the signature brand color while also tying in a bold and feminine hue. The wall was 'topped off' with Tinder’s logo and iPads to create an interactive feature for attendees.


Saje Natural Wellness

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 10.58.00 AM.png

Saje Natural Wellness has a distinct brand identity that embodies the natural ingredients in its products. We worked with the company to enhance their lounge space at the conference.

We decided to use varying types of leaves and greenery such as eucalyptus, fern, and banana leaves to embody the essence of the brand. We covered and draped different wooden structures and hanging elements with greenery to speak to the natural herbs, plants, and oils found in all of their products. The finishing touch was adding an assortment of glass jar bud vases throughout the space.


Gorjana Jewelry

Instagram: @gorjana

Instagram: @gorjana

Gorjana Jewelry is a brand that focuses on sleek, simple, and timeless pieces. For a unique floral touch to their installation at the Create & Cultivate conference, we added colorful accents to a branded wall.

We helped Gorjana find balance with branded floral wreaths representing the 7 chakras found within the body in varying colors. Each individual wreath had a monochromatic design -- using florals of both the same variety and the same color. The wreaths were stacked and aligned with the chakras location on an image of a meditating figure alongside their logo and hashtag.


Introducing Florals To Your Home This Spring

With the warmer season finally here, it’s time to start incorporating bright and vibrant florals into the home. The addition of flowers in your home adds a specific ambiance and warmth to every room. From the bedroom to the kitchen, you can incorporate blooms that will really bring your home to life. Set the mood of each room with a floral touch to give off a positive vibe.

A floral trend that is setting the tone this season is the floral wreath. You can create a wreath using multiple varieties of florals or even succulents. (Note: succulent wreaths will last much longer than a traditional fresh floral wreath!) Another ideal flower variety to add to your wreaths are orchids. Orchids are simple yet elegant flowers that are perfect to bring into your home now that spring is here.

This year's Pantone color of the year, greenery, is making a huge impact on the floral industry. Greenery is a subtle element that can simply be added to an arrangement or used to create an arrangement on its own. A favorite trend this year will be a greenery tablescape using ruscus and eucalyptus. Try creating a natural table runner or statement arrangements to encompass a natural feel. If you want to incorporate a splash of greenery to your home without having to create an arrangement, try highlighting a beautiful Pothos plant on a bookshelf or credenza. 

Incorporating florals throughout your house will give your home a more inviting feel. A first step can be to add florals to the entrance of your home. From the minute you walk into your foyer, you will be greeted with bright, inviting blooms. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but bold spring colors will elevate the ambiance for both you and your guests.

Bringing florals into the bedroom will provide a fresh start to your day. Add a small arrangement or bud vases to your nightstand to brighten and inspire your morning routine. If you’re interested in adding a touch of aromatics to your room, lavender and eucalyptus will give off a calming scent to increase relaxation. 



Bringing florals into the home will create a unique ambiance and set the mood for the season. You can incorporate specific florals and colors to reflect your personality. Use these tips to bring light into your home this spring!


B Floral x NYC Influencers: Our Favorite Collaborations

New York City offers unparalleled opportunities to experience new sights, tastes, and fashion. We here at B Floral love following a wide array of fashion, design, and lifestyle bloggers and influencers to grab inspiration and stay on top of the latest city trends.

Our collaborations with bloggers and influencers over the years has allowed us to share our work with a greater audience, especially with the popularity of Instagram and other social media platforms. 

Our team compiled a list of a few of our favorite floral collaborations with top NYC bloggers. Scroll through to check out our picks! 

Jackie of York Avenue

Jackie Clair

Last year, we came across York Avenue and fell in love with Jackie's home design tips and overall aesthetic.

We first worked with Jackie on a bedroom makeover blog post in collaboration with Eileen Fisher and Garnet Hill. We provided sleek white monochromatic arrangements with a touches of greenery that were featured as accents on nightstands. 


Jackie Clair

B Floral also collaborated with Jackie on a coffee table restyle post. We provided a mirrored vase filled with florals in varying shades of pinks to add a fresh & feminine element to her coffee table.


Christine of The View from 5'2"

As we discussed collaborating with Christine from The View from 5'2", she was interested in floral tips and tricks for a "How to" blog post.

We also sent along a white monochromatic arrangement with a mirrored vase that she styled in her kitchen.


Lindsi of So Lindsi & Arushi Khosla

Oversized flower bouquets are a huge floral trend this year.

It was so much fun to create a pink pastel bouquet for Lindsi of So Lindsi for a Valentine's Day shoot. We chose to create the bouquet using delicate garden roses to evoke a romantic feel.

You can check out her Instagram posts featuring our bouquet HERE and HERE.

We also created a spring-inspired oversized bouquet for fashion blogger Arushi Kholsa. Florals in blush pinks and creams embodied the feeling of spring and provided contrast to her bold outfit.

Check out her Instagram posts featuring our bouquet HERE and HERE


Marni of Style on the Rise

Bold and bright florals were the perfect addition to a surprise birthday luncheon for Marni of Style on the Rise at Pizza Beach in the Lower East Side. We provided all of the guests flower crowns as well as a colorful centerpiece to complete the tablescape.

Check out her Instagram posts featuring our florals HERE and HERE.


Color Series: Top Floral Colors for Spring 2017


It’s hard not to be swept away by the spring season. Spring means the arrival of  warm weather and the emergence of bright colors! As the busy event season kicks off this spring, we have seen a new pattern of floral trends emerging - ranging from colors to floral varieties.

After visiting the New York City flower market and taking inspiration from fashion and interior design, we here at B Floral compiled a list of the top 4 floral colors for spring.

Primrose Yellow

Saul Metnick

Saul Metnick


Primrose Yellow is a warm, rich hue that will brighten up any spring arrangement.

Look for florals and berries in this calming shade to add a seasonal touch to a centerpiece, flower wall, or table setting. You can also try combining primrose yellow florals with an abundance of greenery to create simple yet impactful contrast.



Blush Pink

B Floral

B Floral


Blush Pink is a delicate pastel hue that was seen across the runways and throughout the design world as everyone was gearing up for this spring season.

This color is the perfect shade to add a feminine touch to any special event such as a spring bridal shower or garden tea party. A few of our favorite florals that are easily found in blush pink are peonies, garden roses, dahlias, and ranunculus.




Tom McGovern Photography

Tom McGovern Photography


Flame is a fiery hue, caught somewhere between red and orange, that will add a vivid pop of color to any spring event.

Try incorporating flame colored florals with creams or subdued blushes to balance this boldly rich palette. If you want to make a statement at your upcoming spring gathering, create an array of monochromatic arrangements in varying sizes in this deep orange hue.




Mark Kopko

Mark Kopko


Fuchsia is a bold color combining tones of purple, red, and pink that compliment the fresh and vibrant feeling of spring.

Whether you're creating bud vases for your home or bar arrangements for a charity gala, fuchsia is a go-to color while looking to create an inviting atmosphere. Look for orchids, poppies, and calla lilies in fuchsia to complete a spring-inspired look.



B Floral's Winter Wonderland Media Event with Lilliana Vazquez and Sutton Foster

Bronwen Smith with Lilliana Vazquez and Sutton Foster // GETTY / David Kotinksy

Each year B Floral hosts at least one media event inviting New York City's best media outlets, fashion editors, bloggers, and influencers to showcase our creative designs, innovative installations and activations. Most recently was our Winter Wonderland media event, hosted by owner and lead designer Bronwen Smith and The Today Show's Lilliana Vazquez, with a guest appearance from Sutton Foster. The B Floral design team created several installations to make for the perfect photo op, like a flower wall to compliment a Bosco GIF booth, a floral fire pit to accompany a s'mores bar, and a floral champagne tree that sat on a "Bubbly Bar." We also included an incredible ice sculpture to hold flowers, a faux fireplace with hanging floral garlands, and a grand floral walkway as a focal point for the room. 

B Floral achieved a higher level of event design, encompassing a theme and introducing new design innovations while maintaining a strong brand identity. As B Floral expands, our continual efforts for consistent growth, dedicated event management, and brand centric approach lends exceptional services in full-event design and production. 

GETTY / David Kotinsky

GETTY / David Kotinsky

GETTY / David Kotinsky

GETTY / David Kotinsky

Lilliana Vazquez // GETTY / David Kotinsky

Sutton Foster // GETTY / David Kotinsky

Bronwen Smith with Lilliana Vazquez and Sutton Foster // GETTY / David Kotinsky

Luke Polihrom Photography

Luke Polihrom Photography

Luke Polihrom Photography

Luke Polihrom Photography

Luke Polihrom Photography

Luke Polihrom Photography

Luke Polihrom Photography