B Creative: #DIY Advent Calendars to Kick Off the Holiday Season

B Creative: #DIY Advent Calendars to Kick Off the Holiday Season

'Tis the season! We have so many traditions and holidays that we celebrate here in the office, but we wanted to pick out one of our all-time favorite traditions to post this week: advent calendars! With our own B Floral twist, we curated these [adorable] mini boxes to create a 3D vibe to our calendar. We also branded a little with the goodies and decoration, check out how to make yours here:

Well, first things first: supplies! These little guys are SUPER easy to make. We got our mini boxes and tags from Paper Presentation. If you're in the NYC area, and you're a stationery freak (like us), you need to check this place out - it. has. EVERYTHING. You'll also need tape, scissors, ribbon, and paper craft flowers for decoration.

Next, simply assemble the mini box and place the treats/goodies/pictures you want for that corresponding day of the month!


Be sure to prep your tags! We used place cards, cut them in half, and snipped the ends to make them look like a banner tag. Handwritten numbers on each tag add a personal touch!

The final step is to glue all pieces together. So once you have the box assembled, tags prepped and ribbon cut: wrap box in ribbon, tape ribbon to secure to box, glue tag onto box (on top of the ribbon), and glue your final piece (paper flower) on top of the tag! Here's what the finished product should look like:


Happy Crafting!

Wow Your In-Laws During the Holidays with these Tablescape Ideas

Wow Your In-Laws During the Holidays with these Tablescape Ideas

Whether it be for Thanksgiving, or gearing up for the upcoming holidays, dress (your table) to impress your guests - ahem, especially the in-laws! Nothing says, "we have our lives together," more than a well cooked meal and a beautifully decorated tablescape. 

We've compiled a couple tablescape ideas for you from the B Floral photo archive, which one is your favorite:


Need a little something for your foyer? Welcome guests with a display like this.

Gold Trim

Opt for gold trimmed glassware and fill your vase with acorns, for proper fall foliage to your tablescape!


Added fall foliage and metallic details (i.e. a silver vase, paired with silver napkins) will make for a frosted feel alternative to traditional Thanksgiving decor.


Adding to the metallic feels, consider carving out and spray painting a few pumpkins for a gorgeous rose gold center piece! Complete the tablescape with matching mini pumpkins for your place setting.


Consider a monochromatic theme with florals, glassware, and china to create a warm, welcoming environment for your guests.

Color Pops

Simple and decadent. Lots of color creates a cheery, lively holiday scape. Varying in brights adds depth and richness to the table!

7 Floral Arranging Tips You Need to Try Now

7 Floral Arranging Tips You Need to Try Now

It’s hard not to love a beautiful floral arrangement but it’s understandably difficult to create one yourself. We here at B Floral have a few tips to share to help you create an arrangement that you can be proud of. Below are 7 tips that we suggest you try next time you want to create a floral arrangement! 


1. Cut stems on an angle

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 12.43.19 PM.png

Once you pick your blooms, cut each stem at a 45-degree angle. This allows for the stem to uptake more water and keep the flower properly hydrated.


2. Clean leaves off of stems

If any leaves appear that they will submerged in water, remove them from your flowers’ stems. Leaves that remain in water may rot and lead to your flowers dying quicker, and you don't want that! 


3. Warm water for blossoms to bloom

Waiting for a bloom to say hello? Place in warm water to help closed buds open more quickly. Once they open, place into lukewarm water to help keep them healthy and last longer in your arrangement.


 4. Florist’s Foam helps extend the life of your flowers

Cut a piece of florist’s foam to fit your vase and soak in water for 15 minutes. Place the soaked foam into your vase and start placing your flowers. The foam not only helps to preserve your flowers but also adds support to your arrangement. 


5. Create a grid on vase to structure an arrangement

Use clear water-resistant flower tape to create a grid on top of a vase to help add structure to your arrangement. The grids help support stems so that they don’t fall over and shift surrounding flowers. Fill each grid so that the arrangement appears full and the tape is not visible. 


6. Use different shades of the same color

A monochromatic color scheme is always on trend. Use different shades and hues of a single color to achieve this modern look. Pair flowers of the same or different varieties that compliment each other, as seen in the picture above- a B Floral creation! 


7. Include flowers that vary in height

Find flowers and foliage that range in height or cut flowers to specific lengths to add dimension to your arrangement. Varying the height of your florals also makes your arrangement appear fuller and more complex. 


We hope that these tips and tricks will help you create a special arrangement and make you feel like a pro!

Why JPO Concepts is Your Ultimate Planner Guide

Why JPO Concepts is Your Ultimate Planner Guide

We recently held our wildly successful Media Event with JPO Concepts, at one of their venues, Space 530. From concept to execution, JPO Concepts (especially their on-site management team) allowed for the night to run smoothly. So why is JPO your ultimate planner guide over the rest? Well, here's why and what they offer:


JPO Concepts offers an abundance of services, programs, and packages to fit your individual need - we were so pleased with the catering, on-site staff, venue, and of course the managing director, Kaitlyn, who was there for us every step of the way!

We got the chance to briefly interview Kaitlyn, and get an inside look at what she does, and who she is, at JPO Concepts:

BF: How long have you been with JPO Concepts?

K: I have been with JPO Concepts for almost 5 years. Prior to working with JPO I was in the entertainment industry performing in productions all over the world. I made the transition to events after I discovered that putting on a show and planning an event have a lot in common. Both take weeks of planning, however at the end of the day, they are both live events and anything can happen. A good event planner, like a good performer, needs to be able to think on their feet so guests do not know if things are not going the way they were supposed to go.

BF: What would you say is your main specialty when planning with clients?

K: I feel as though I have a unique ability to instill confidence in my clients throughout the planning process. Many of my clients do not host events on a regular basis, so the process can be a bit daunting. However I always choose to approach challenging situations with positive energy and a "We can do it" attitude. 

BF: JPO Concepts has several venues to offer pretty much any type of event - but do you have a personal favorite?

K: I do not have a favorite JPO venue, however I LOVE when clients embrace a venue's quirks and chose to highlight unique features instead of trying to cover them up. 

BF: What's your favorite part of it all?!

K: My favorite part of the process is seeing how guests interact with one another during an event that I have created. From the sights, sounds, tastes, and even smells, the goal is to create an environment that brings people together, energizes the human spirit, and strengthens the bonds between them. 

We couldn't agree more that atmosphere, and all the little details that go along with it, is what truly brings an event to life. Thanks so much to the JPO Concepts team!

NYC Flower Market's Best - Dutch Flower Line

NYC Flower Market's Best - Dutch Flower Line

Celebrating 30 years of flower perfection, Dutch Flower Line is the go-to for all things floral. B Floral swears by DFL's novelty varieties and boutique elements, and we are proud to call them our primary floral vendor. We got the chance to have a quick chat with Chris, this is the guy you'll want to talk to, in between his running around with orders and customer questions. The guy is impressive to watch navigate his shop - he's incredibly friendly and keeps a calm demeanor in such a demanding, fast-paced environment.

Chris's favorite flower? We didn't get a straight answer, but he did say he feels obligated to say the peony (because he has a peony tattoo) - particularly coral charm as the colors vary nicely when in bloom. We asked for the most popular flower he sees come in and out of the shop, but that really depends on the season. Flowers cross over hemispheres often, because their summer is our winter and vice versa. And as expected, fall jewel tones is Chris's favorite floral color scheme - ours too, Chris, ours too. 

"People come to us for exotic flowers that you can't find anywhere else." - Chris

It's true. The flowers are niche items. I have seen roses in there so exotic I couldn't believe I was looking at a flower, let alone a rose. It's really incredible. We definitely recommend checking out Dutch Flower Line, guaranteed you'll fall in love with selection. 

For more information, or just need a daily dose of floral inspiration, check out DFL's Instagram feed!